Wind turbine orders continue to grow

ALE wind turbine blade

Global wind turbine orders collected from July 2017 through until December 2017 from 24 countries and 11 vendors totalled nearly 15,000 MW, according to a new report from Navigant Research.

The latest version of Navigant Research’s Wind Turbine Order Tracker shows a continued increase in global wind turbine deals during the second half of 2016.

“Wind farm developers are becoming more willing to explore regions of less than ideal wind resources and wind turbine manufacturers are using larger rotors and higher hub heights to maximize capacity factors in these regions,” says Adam Wilson, research analyst with Navigant Research. “Vestas is a good example of this – the company’s average turbine rating for orders received in the second half of 2016 decreased from 2.96 MW to 2.8 MW while average rotor diameter actually increased slightly to 114.5 m from 112.7 m.”

Vestas is trailed by Gamesa with just over 2,000 MW of orders announced. Regionally, Asia Pacific leads, owing an 1,800 MW increase in capacity over the previous six months to strong showings in India and Australia. North America follows, with Europe close behind.

Source: Navigant Research
ALE wind turbine blade

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