US infrastructure investments yet to materialise

Despite the fact that it was a central point in the Trump administration’s election campaign, a USD1 tn investment into US infrastructure has yet to materialise. It remains unclear whether any robust plan will ever come to fruition.

President Donald Trump may have recently signed an executive order aimed at removing regulations governing new infrastructure projects, calling for a less-stringent permit process and fewer environmental regulations, but the order gave no guidance on the administration’s plan for new investment.

Indeed critics have suggested that 80 percent of the proposed investment would have to come from funding outside the federal government. This is likely to be in the form of public-private partnerships and tax breaks, used to encourage new projects.

All things considered, it looks like it could be a long time before any sort of widespread initiative to improve crumbling highways, ports and airports actually takes place in the USA. This is to the disappointment of companies involved in delivering the modules and equipment for such improvements, as well as the transport and logistics companies, which are clamouring for those projects.

Some might suggest that the president’s much-vaunted infrastructure plans, like those covering health care and tax reform, have hit the buffers.

us infrastructure improvement

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